Entangled Sketchbook 

July-August 2021

Participating as one of the Highlighted artists

Mixed media on paper, (sketchbook measurements: 21,5cm x 14,5cm)

The project consisted in keeping an enquiry sketchbook on something in nature of our choise for two weeks, in order to shed light on our immediate surroundings.
I chose the hedge surrounding my house because it’s the first thing I see when I open my shutters every morning. For the challenge, I decided to document it through quick drawing and taking notes as this is the method I usually use to capture what I see in a daily sketchbook.
I used different media, pens, colours, pencils, watercolours… according to what I felt would capture a certain feel of the hedge and atmosphere most effectively.
Focussing on a different aspect of the hedge each day resulted in very diverse drawings that bring to life in the final sketchbook both the observed and the imagined.

Cat and butterfly
Hidden things
Aracne, other hidden things
House Map
Behind the leaves
Hedge and colour
Watering the plants
Time 2